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Business valuation reports

Companies may face these situations along their life-cycle:
  • Acquisition and merger.
  • Shareholding value, stock offers, shareholders situation.
  • Bankruptcy plans: analysing business viability. Developing plans

Treasury Management

Analyse the cash management process and implement new policies that improve the actual one: Establish payment policies
  • Establish payment policies
  • Develop a treasury budget
  • Manage cash surplus
  • Manage cash deficits

Economic and Financial Analysis

Analysing the economic and financial statements of a firm in order to determine the firm's potential value.
This analysis consists in:
  • Annual accounts analysis.
  • Analysing the firms liquidity.
  • Analysing the firm’s profitability.

Analysing Business Viability:

We use specific working programs specifically adapted to small and medium size companies in order to make decisions in the short way and adopt an strategy in the long way.


Auditing is not only a compulsory act to verify companies' financial statements. Auditing can be a useful tool in order to identify problems and can be used as source to develop improvement plans.

We adapt to small and medium size companies needs. We improve registration and accounting information systems.

Why we should audit?

  • Improves the firms' credibility and image.
  • Independence between the firm and the auditor. This improves credibility in the firms economic and financial situation.
  • Useful information in planning, controlling and decision making. Useful information to improve firm's productivity.
  • Enables implementation of internal control systems. Helps to improve existing ones.
  • Establish cost systems that are in line with the business needs.
  • Helps to determine main causes of variation in the principle economic variables/magnitudes from one year to another.
  • Determines whether the company satisfies accounting and tax regulation.
  • Creates a controlling atmosphere in the company.

 Ensures quality of financial information and shows a true picture of the company.


- Administrative receiver
- Legal expert reporting
  • Business value
  • Ceasing gain. Emerging damage
  • Accounting
  • Share value